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Icy Phoenix Team
Icy Phoenix
Mighty Gorgon
(Luca Libralato)
Interests: Heroes Of Might And Magic III, 69, #FF5522
Location: Homer's Head

phpBB XS Developer

Valued Contributors
ThE KuKa

Interests: Icy Phoenix
Location: http://www.icyphoenix.com
Mod Name Author Description Website
Acronym Mod 0.9.5 CodeMonkeyX Provides automatic acronym additions to posts. http://www.codemonkeyx.net
Admin Account Actions 1.3.3 Acid Displays all users which a) expect an account activation (admin activation or user activation) or b) are already active members. You can (de)activate or delete them. No website is available.
Admin disable board message 1.0.1 grummfy (jonathan) With this mod you should be able to edit the messsage of the diable board. http://www.grummfy.com
Admin Email List 1.0.2 Jamer (Colin James) This mod will list all email addresses from your phpbb database, within the admin cp. http://www.jamer.co.uk/scripts/phpbb2
Admin ignore board disabled 1.0.0 Leuchte The admin could access the board even if it is disabled. http://www.leuchte.net
Admin phpinfo 1.0.0 AbelaJohnB (John B. Abela) This hack displays the phpinfo() in your admin panel. This could be useful when you are asking for support. http://www.phpbb2mods.com/
Admin Private Message Manager 1.6.0 Nivisec An Admin panel plug-in that allows the management of Private Messages on the board. http://www.nivisec.com
Admin Register User 1.0.5 OXPUS (Karsten Ude) This hack allows administrations to register a new account through the administration control panel. http://www.oxpus.de
Admin Userlist v2.0.5 wGEric (Eric Faerber) This MOD lets you view all of you members and various information about them in the Admin Control Panel. http://mods.best-dev.com/
Admin Voting 1.1.8 ErDrRon Allows forum administrators, via the Admin Control Panel, to see who voted in a poll and, optionally, HOW they voted. http://www.ErDrRon.com/phpBB2/
Advance Admin Index Stats 1.0.0 Civphp (Charles Kays) This Mod adds more statistics to your Admin Index Page http://www.civphpbb.net
Advance Signature Divider Control 1.0.0 crxgames This mod allows you control what divides a user's signature from the post. http://www.crxgames.com
Advanced IP Tools Pack 0.3.2 pentapenguin This MOD will save users' IP and hostname information on signup. Includes additional IP features and extensions. http://www.pentapenguin.com
Advanced Links Mod 1.2.2 stefan2k1 (Stefan Paulus) This Mod let's you add Link-Banners to your Site and display them on the Index-Page. People can submit Links and the Admin can choose to add them or not in the Admin Panel. http://www.phpbb2.de
Advanced Post Time Edit 1.0.0 OXPUS (Karsten Ude) Allows Moderators and Admins to edit the post time for each post or topic. http://www.oxpus.de
Advanced time management 2.2.0 -=ET=- This MOD allow the board administrator(s) and each user to manage the times displayed on the board. http://www.golfexpert.net/phpbb
Advanced User Search 1.0.2 R45 (Adam Alkins) This is an admin module for the ACP system. It allows Searching for users based on their username, email address, date registered, usergroup, permission status (mod/admin), post count, userfields (ICQ/Yahoo/Website/Interests/e.t.c.), Language, Last Visit, http://phpbb.rasadam.com
Advanced Visual Confirmation 1.1.0 AmigaLink (Markus Schmidt) This MOD replaces the original CAPTCHA of the phpBB Visual Confirmation. http://www.EssenMitFreude.info
AJAX Chat 1.0.0 Kinfule (Javier B) - Mighty Gorgon (Luca Libralato) AJAX Shoutbox by Kinfule with some modifications by Mighty Gorgon. http://www.kinfule.tk
AJAX Features 1.0.0 alcaeus - cback - oxpus - Mighty Gorgon Some cool AJAX Features originally released by alcaeus and then adjusted by cback and oxpus (with some modifications and integrations by Mighty Gorgon). http://www.kinfule.tk
Always show edited by 0.0.3 Freakin' Booty ;-P When a user edits a post, 'edited by' is always shown http://freakingbooty.no-ip.com
Auto Activate Main Admin Account 1.0.0 RL This mod will activate main admin account if it`s not active. No website is available.
Auto group 1.2.2 This mod will make it posible to add member to a user group, depending on there post count http://mods.db9.dk
Auto Un-ban Main Admin 1.0.0 Nivisec This will not prevent the banning of the first super admin, but will unban this user (if banned) on each page load. http://nivisec.com/mods/
Autolinks 1.0.1 Afkamm Adds autolinks to your phpBB posts. http://mods.afkamm.co.uk/
Avatar gallery hack 1.0.0 dzidzius Avatar from gallery after chosing it by user automatically disappear from gallery. Thanks to this hack two users cannot have the same avatar. If user resign from that avatar it will be shown again in gallery. www.ForumBest.150.pl
Avatar Generator 2.0.2 MrBass (modified by Mighty Gorgon) Allow users to create their own avatar from a selection of templates http://www.petesplace-online.co.uk
Bantron Mod 1.0.0 Disclosed Adds many features to the ban system including private/public ban reasons and expiring bans. Bans are also presented in a more browsable paginated list style. No website is available.
BBCodes & smilies enhancement 1.2.0 -=ET=- This MOD lets you insert BBCodes & smilies where you want, select 2 times the same fontsize, it provides a useful interface for urls, keeps your animated smilies animated, and so on http://www.golfexpert.net/phpbb
BBCodes Box 1.4.0 Mighty Gorgon (Luca Libralato) Enhanced BBCodes functions based on CyberAlien's BBCodes parsing function http://www.mightygorgon.com/
Birthday 1.5.7 This mod will add a birthday field into your user's profile and make users age viewable to others when viewing posts. http://mods.db9.dk
Birthday Cake 1.0.0 CBACK (Christian Knerr) This Mod put a birthday cake on viewtopic for user that has birthday today. http://www.community.cback.de
Birthday Extension for Topic Calender 0.9.1 Flani This mod will add birthdays to your Topic Calendar. No website is available.
Block Bad Bots 1.0.1 FuNEnD3R This simple robots.txt file will help deter some of the unwanted bots that spider your site for email addresses and things of that nature that result in spam http://www.funender.com
Block DNSBL Blacklisted Registrants 1.0.1 TerraFrost (Jim Wigginton) Prevents those whose IP address is listed on DNSBLs from registering. http://www.frostjedi.com/phpbb
Board Rules 3.0.0 Dwing (Dimitri Seitz) With this mod you will have a page of rules similar to faq http://www.dseitz.de
Bookmarks 1.1.1i PhilippK (Philipp Kordowich) Keeps an internal list of bookmarks set by the user http://phpbb.kordowich.net/
Caching Mods  Various A lot of mod have been cached (Last Visit, Birthday, Color Groups), I would like to thanks all the authors: Oxpus, Niels, and Last but not least Cyber Alien No website is available.
Categories hierarchy 2.0.4 Ptirhiik (Pierre) This mod allows to attach a categorie to a higher level categorie, keeping all the forum visible on the index page (vBulletin-like view), or have a sub-forum view. http://rpgnet.clanmckeen.com
CMS 1.2.0 Mighty Gorgon (Luca Libralato) Advanced CMS functions for phpBB (based on IM Portal) http://www.mightygorgon.com/
Color Groups 1.2.0 Nivisec This mod will replace the current name colorization with a group system. http://www.nivisec.com
CrackerTracker Professional 5th Edition 5.0.0 cback (Christian Knerr) The MOD has enhanced features to block Worms before they can Exploit your forum or before they can make lots of traffic to your Server. Some Special Security features like ProxyBlocker and Flooding Protection are also included to this Security System http://www.cback.de
Custom Joined Date Format 1.0.0 Matthijs This will add an entry to the language file(s) to allow a different date format for the joined date in view topic and view profile. No website is available.
Custom Profile Fields 1.0.6 Blankety Blank Man (Brian Shields) Allows administrators to add fields to registration/profile/memberlist/topics, plus admin-only fields (though to get use out of them, you may have to write your own MOD based on them) http://edos.siteburg.com/phpBB2/index.php
Date Drop Down Menu 1.0.4 pichirichi Drop down menu in profile definition for non technical users http://www.pichirichi.com
DB Maintenance 1.3.6 PhilippK (Philipp Kordowich) This Mod checks and fixes inconsistencies and errors in the database http://phpbb.kordowich.net/
db_update generator 1.0.2 Freakin' Booty ;-P & Antony Bailey Creates a form into which you enter your SQL and a db_update.php file is then created. You can either copy/paste the file, or download it onto your computer. http://www.rapiddr3am.net
Default avatar  1.1.0 Manipe Lets the administrator choose a default avatar, if a user hasn't already selected one. The default avatar can be changed through the ACP. You can also select wheather you want to display the default avatar for guests, registered users or both, and choose http://www.manipef1.com
DHTML Slide Menu for ACP 1.0.0 markus_petrux (Markus) This MOD turns your ACP left pane into a Dynamic HTML Slide Menu (roll-in/roll-out effects), making it easier to navigate. http://www.phpmix.com
Digests 1.0.13 MarkDHamill (Mark D. Hamill) Sends customized email digests of forum messages to subscribers http://www.potomactavern.org
Direct Image Link 1.0.0 Disturbed One (Anthony Coy) Makes all user posted images hyperlinked to their direct file path. http://anthonycoy.com
Disable Registration 1.1.0 Poupoune This MOD allows you to disable registrations to your board, manageable in the ACP. You can set an explanation that appears to the users that would want to register. It can be set in the ACP, if not, a default texte will appear. http://www.phpbb-fr.com
Download Manager (mxBB pafiledb) integration 0.0.9d _Haplo (Manfred Hoffmann) Integration of pafiledb (Database download manager) with phpBB. http://www.mx-system.com
download PM 1.2 maku This Mod let's you save all your pm to a text file http://www.nenafan.de
Download Topics and Posts 1.0.0 OXPUS (Karsten Ude) Insert links on viewtopic to save the whole topic or one post of it in a textfile http://www.oxpus.de
Edit Notes 0.1.0 pentapenguin When editing a post, you will have an option to leave a short note saying the reason why the post was edited. This MOD is fully configurable with admin panel options for enabling/disabling the edit notes, edit notes permissions, and the total edit notes http://www.pentapenguin.com
Enhanced ModPanel 1.0.1 Acid The Enhanced ModPanel displays all stickies, announcements (including global announcements), normal, locked/unlocked, unread/unanswered topics and topics with polls per forum so you can perform any action like sticky/normalize/globalize/announce, lock/unl No website is available.
Enhanced Sig Char Counter 1.0.1 Hades (Lee Conlin) This MOD alters the signiture validation so that html and bbcode tags are NOT counted against the max_length of the sig http://www.celestialvault.com/blast
Extended Quote Tag 1.0.0 Acyd Burn (Meik Sievertsen) This Mod adds an extended functionality on the [quote] BBCode Tag. You are able to view the Post from which the User quoted and you have the ability to quote directly from the Topic Review Window. http://www.opentools.de/
Extended Similar Topics 1.0.3a Porutchik This mod adds a table at the bottom of a thread and displays other threads that are similar in topic. http://forum.aeroion.ru
eXtreme Styles mod 2 2.4.0 CyberAlien This mod is heavily optimized version of phpBB templates system and has some additional features. http://www.stsoftware.biz/
Faq & Rules Manager 1.2.0 Selven (Selven) This mod allows the administrator to edit and re-arrange their FAQ & Rules through an admin control panel module http://www.zaion.com
File Attachment Mod 2.4.3 Acyd Burn This Mod adds the ability to attach files in phpBB2. http://www.opentools.de
Force Topic Read 1.0.1 Austin Forces users to read a specific topic once, such as site rules, etc.. http://www.phpbb-tweaks.com
Forum notification mod 1.4.0 David Herrmann This Mod adds forum notification functionality to phpBB No website is available.
Full Album Pack 1.4.1 Mighty Gorgon (Luca Libralato) This MOD adds a full Album system, based on several MODS. http://www.mightygorgon.com/
Fully integrated shoutbox  1.1.6 A fully phpBB2 enabled shoutbox witch support: database abstration layer, timezones, languages templates, smilies, BBcode and censored words http://mods.db9.dk
Gender 1.2.6 This mod will add a Gender field into users' profile, and display a Gender image http://mods.db9.dk
Global announcement 1.2.8 This mod, makes it posible to post global announcements viewable in all forums. http://mods.db9.dk
Google keyword URLs 2.1.0 webmedic This mod makes static URLs for phpBB http://www.webmedic.net/
Google keyword URLs Sitemap generator 1.6.1 webmedic (Brook Hyumphrey) Generates a dynamic listing of all topics in Google's sitemap xml format http://www.webmedic.net/
Group Member Count 1.0.0 Clone (Christin Tietjen) Show the count of members of a group on the usergroup page.Can include group moderator. http://clonezero.de
Guest Sessions MOD 0.0.4 CyberAlien (Vjacheslav Trushkin) This mod removes session id for guests from url and this way guests who don't have cookies like different robots will use correct urls. It can be used to allow googlebot and other search engines to spider your forum correctly. http://www.phpbbstyles.com
Gzip fix 1.0.0 webmedic This mod fixes a serious issue with phpBB not working properly when gzip is enabled. http://www.webmedic.net/
HTML Mail 1.0.1 Psychlo (Alexandre Luis Vignado) With this MOD, all the e-mails from forum will be in HTML http://www.valei.com/
IM Portal 1.2.0 masterdavid (Ronald John David) Flexible and full-featured portal management addon for phpBB http://www.integramod.com
Invision View Profile 1.1.3 Disturbed One (Anthony Coy) Replaces phpBB's default profile with IPB's clean layout. http://anthonycoy.com
Junior Admin 2.0.5b Nivisec (Nivisec) This will allow you to define any and all user you'd like to have access to whatever admin modules you'd like. http://nivisec.com
Last visit 1.2.8 This mod will register when the user last logged in, allong with the info about how many users have visited the board. http://mods.db9.dk
Limit login attempts 1.0.1 Manipe Deters people from guessing users' passwords by locking him/her out of login.php after a number of wrong guesses for a certain amount of time. Both the number and the time can be set in the admin panel. Includes cookie and ip tracking for maximum security http://www.manipef1.com
Lo-Fi Mod 1.0.0 Bicet (Nicola Tonon) This Mod will add a Textual/Low Graphic Layout to your Board. It's Ideal for Google Bot and for all Search Engine that spider your site, and also for printing in an easy way. http://www.phpbbxs.com
Lock/Unlock in Posting Body 1.0.1 Meik Sievertsen This Mod allows the Admin/Mod to lock/unlock a topic direct after submitting the post. http://www.opentools.de
Mail Digests 1.0.13 MarkDHamill (Mark D. Hamill) Sends customized email digests of forum messages to subscribers http://www.potomactavern.org
Megamail  0.9.6 R. U. Serious This MOD relates to the Admin-Mass-Mail function. Instead of sending a single email with all recipients as BCC, it will split the mail up in several emails http://www.handykoelsch.de
Mighty Gorgon Security 0.1.0 Mighty Gorgon (Luca Libralato) Some modifications to phpBB core files to enhance phpBB security http://www.mightygorgon.com/
Mini Cal 1.1.0 netclectic (Adrian Cockburn) Provides a mini calendar on your forum index page. http://www.netclectic.com
Mobile Online phpBB 1.6 Rickey Mobile Online phpBB (mophpbb) is a phpBB2 add-on module. It enables users to access your phpBB from a mobile/cellular phone or PDA through WAP, xHTML (xHTML-MP) and HTML (simple text only) interfaces. http://www.mobileonlinestyle.com/
Multiple Ranks And Staff View 2.0.3 Mighty Gorgon (Luca Libralato) This MOD allows the admin to select more than one special rank for each user. http://www.mightygorgon.com
Olympus-Style Forum Rules 0.7.0 mad-manne (Manfred Hoffmann) This MOD allows the admin to select more than one special rank for each user. http://phpbb.mad-manne.de
Online/Offline/Hidden 2.2.6 kooky This mod will show the Online status of a user, stating if he is Online, Offline or Hidden (with image or text) within viewtopic as well his profile, in memberlist, groupcp, ...Only Admin, Mod (and Group Mod) and the user himself can view if a user is hid http://kooky06.free.fr/board/
Page Generation Time 2.0.1 Smartor (Hoang Ngoc Tu) This MOD will show page generation info in the page footer http://smartor.is-root.com
Permission List 1.0.1 Bicet (Nicola Tonon) Displays a complete list, of forums and their total permissions, and allows for configuration from a single page. Based on "Overall forums permissions on one page" by Antony Bailey & Freakin' Booty. http://www.phpbbxs.com
PerPage Settings 1.0.0 Acid every user can adjust how much posts/topics should be displayed and hot threshold. No website is available.
phpBB Wordgraph MOD 0.1.0 pentapenguin (Jeremy Conley) This MOD displays a listing of the most frequently used words on your site in relative font sizes so that you can see which words are the most common. http://www.pentapenguin.com
phpBB XS 2.0.58 Bicet (Nicola Tonon) / Mighty Gorgon (Luca Libralato) phpBB XS is a highly customized phpBB premodded. http://www.phpbbxs.com
Portal Polls Upgrade 2.0 vgan (Steve Cvar) Alters the display and behavior of the Poll Block. If a user has already voted, graphic bars are shown with results similar to the normal Topic View. No website is available.
Post Icy Image 1.0.0 difus & Mighty Gorgon (Luca Libralato) This MOD allows you to upload pictures while posting. http://www.icyphoenix.com/
Posted email js 1.0.3 lcn (Lars Nygard) Fight spam by modifying all e-mail addresses in posts to javascripts. http://www.snart.com/
Printable Page 1.0.0 Adam Ismay Gives the option of a printable version which has no non-message graphics and has a more compact display format. All messages in a thread are displayed. No website is available.
Private Messages Enhanced Notification 0.2.0 Mighty Gorgon (Luca Libralato) This MOD adds some informations to the PM nofication, such as Sender, Subject and Send Date and the Text of Message http://www.mightygorgon.com
Prune Overview 1.0.0 Leuchte With this Mod you can manage the pruning Settings of each Forum on a seperate Page. http://www.leuchte.net
Prune users 1.4.3 Admin plug-in that makes it posible to delete users who are inactive/haven't posted or like. http://mods.db9.dk
Quick Administrator User Options and Information 0.1.1 pentapenguin This MOD will add "Edit User's Profile" and "Edit User's Permissions" links along with if the user is active (activated), if the user has been banned, or if the user's email has been banned. http://www.pentapenguin.com
Recent Topics 2.2.3 Acid Shows recent topics on an extra site (today, yesterday, last 24 hour,last week, last x days). No website is available.
Redirect anonymous users to login 1.0.7 StefanKausL (Stefan Kuhlins) This very simple MOD redirects anonymous users to the login page instead of showing member, groups, or profile pages. That way anonymous users can't see registered user's data. http://kuhlins.de/
Redirect User Fix  1.0.0 Solo Forever Redirect users directly to their message after making a new post, instead of the "Click here to view your message, here for Forum index" message screen. http://foreversilent.net
Remote Avatar Resize 1.1.3 tomlevens (Tom Levens) A simple MOD to resize user's remote avatar if it is larger than the maximum size set in the admin panel. http://www.tomlevens.co.uk/
Restrict Username Charachters 1.0.2 mosymuis (Rens van Dongen) This mod will only allow a-z, 0-9 and -_ in usernames, when someone registers. http://mods.mosymuis.nl
Secure the first admin before changes 2.0.0 AWSW Secure the first admin before changes of other admins.With this mod you can disallow other admins to delete or edit the first admin with the userid 2. The first admin gets a little bit more security if another admin wants to kick him. http://www.awsw.de
Send PM On User Registration  1.0.2 AbelaJohnB (John B. Abela) This MOD will send a PM to all new users when they register. http://www.JohnAbela.Com/
Signature Editor/Preview Deluxe 1.0.0 EGO2000 his mod adds a really cool Signature Editor to your Board, included Preview & Save & BBCodes No website is available.
Simple image upload 1.0.0 CyberAlien This mod enables image uploading. All images are stored on image hosting server, not on your forum. Image uploading is very simple and requires no skill. This mod is perfect solution for forums where visitors are not tech savvy and don't know how to uploa http://www.phpbbstyles.com
Site History Mod 1.1.3 Stores the number of your sites vistitors into the db, so this info can be viewed in a statisics page http://mods.db9.dk
Skype 1.0.1 Mac (Y.C. LIN) This mod display a skype (http://www.skype.com/) button in your forum's viewtopic, viewprofile and admin can edit user's skype setting in user management panel http://macphpbbmod.sourceforge.net/
Slash News Mod 1.0.1 CodeMonkeyX (Nicholas Young-Soares) This mod, makes it posible to post global announcements viewable in all forums. http://www.codemonkeyx.net
Smart Log In Redirect 1.0.1 Smartor (Hoang Ngoc Tu) This MOD will redirect user to the page when he clicked "log in.out" after logging in successfullyIt can bring much more convenience to your surfing experience. http://smartor.is-root.com
Smilies by Frederic 1.0.0 Frederic Over 100 smilies, minimum size= 19px x 19px No website is available.
Staff Site 2.2.0 Acid An external site to display who is Mod or Admin on your board. http://www.phpbbhacks.com/forums/
Statistics 2.0.15 Acyd Burn (Meik Sievertsen ) The Statistics Mod is a complete statistics core for your phpBB 2 board. http://www.opentools.de
Sticky/Announce Moderator Buttons 0.9.9 ShockWire (Ian J. Gienger) No website is available.
Tell a Friend Mod 1.0.0 Unknown Adds a function to sent Topics as EMail to Friends No website is available.
Thanks Mod 1.1.8 Kinfule This mod allows users to thank the topic poster. http://www.usuarios.lycos.es/kinfule/
Today-Yesterday Mod 1.0.2a ewelin (Eric Welin) This mod will make the Today and Yesterday show up in place of the Date for the corresponding days. Also adds the linked title of the last topic replied to in each forum. http://www.muttdom.com
Topic calendar 1.0.1 Ptirhiik (Pierre) This mod adds a calendar to your board, working with natural phpBB auth. http://rpgnet.clanmckeen.com
Topic Description 1.0.5 Morpheus2matrix (Lebrun Thomas) This MOD allow you to add a little description of the topic that you have posted. http://morpheus.2037.biz
Topic Shadow Manager 2.13 Nivisec Admin Control Panel Plug-in to let you view all shadow topic links, some info about them, and optionally remove any or all. http://www.nivisec.com
Translation  Antonio Mercurio Some Italian's Transaltions are from Antonio Mercurio http://www.phpbbplus.it/
Unread Post Information 2 Database 3.0.4 BigRib (Sven) This Mod saves additional informations about postings needed to compute the not-yet-read postings in the database. http://www.bigrib.de/
User CP Organize 1.0.5 Dustin (Dustin Baccetti) Reorganizes the physical layout of the different sections when a user edits their profile. http://www.dumbassjones.com/
User UnCensor 1.1.0 netclectic (Adrian Cockburn) Allows a user to Enable / Disable forum censor. http://www.netclectic.com
Version Cache mod 0.0.3 CyberAlien (Vjacheslav Trushkin) This mod caches phpBB version update information so phpBB checks for update only once a day instead of checking it every time you open admin control panel index. http://www.phpbbstyles.com
View Attachments 1.0.2 Acyd Burn (Meik Sievertsen) Display all of your Attachments on a forums basis. It's similar to the memberlist. Of course, only those Attachments are displayed the User have Permission to download/view. http://www.opentools.de/
View/Disable Avatars/Signatures 1.0.0 r6untouchabl (Ryan) Lets users choose to view/disable avatars/sigs No website is available.
Watched Topics List 1.1.0 netclectic (Adrian Cockburn) Adds a watched topics list so users can easily manage the topics they are watching. http://www.netclectic.com
Who viewed a topic 1.0.3 This MOD will add the ability to logged users to see who has already viewed the topic they're watching. A small image is added to the viewtopic page for this. http://mods.db9.dk
Who Viewed My Profile 1.5.4 OXPUS (Karsten Ude) This Mod saves the users which viewed another user-profile. http://www.oxpus.de
XS News  2.0.3 UseLess Display News Banner on Forum. No website is available.
Yellow card 1.4.12 Also known as "card system" This mod will make 4 colored buttons beside users post (red,yellow,green and blue) ADMIN can in ACP configure inside witch forum the buttons are visible Red = ban, Yelow = warn, Green = unban, Blue = report to moderators. http://mods.db9.dk


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